• MQCON(Sabvoton) Electric Bicycle Controller Model SVMC96100
  • MQCON(Sabvoton) Electric Bicycle Controller Model SVMC96100

MQCON(Sabvoton) Electric Bicycle Controller Model SVMC96100 (Controller only, no display included)

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Sabvoton SVMC programmable sine-wave motor controller enable you enjoy the good quality,high performance and a good price at same time!
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  • MQCON(Sabvoton) Electric Bicycle Controller Model SVMC96100
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Specification(Classic Model)

1 . power supply: 48V, 60V ,72V,96V battery , MAX DC current:120A , Max phase current:300A
2 . Product Size: 230x142x62mm 
3 . Net Weight: 2.2 kgs
4 . Single package size: 33*21*11.5cm
5 . Package Type: Carton Box with Foam for export shipping

6 . Phone App or computer software can communicate with the controller to modify parameters

The cover has been slightly changed, but the function haven't changed. Customers can buy them according to their needs.


1, FOC-180° sinusoidal drive controller applied to BLDCM or PMSM..

2, It takes only 3 minutes for the motor to be well matched on its best electronic angle at the first time.

3, The motor torque ripple will be reduced to the minimum, so as to ensure electric vehicle to run without any noise and vibration, smoothly, and comfortably.

4, The precise current ring can provide accurate torque input to meet the requirement 0f large torque output during vehicle starting and climbing.

5, The controller enjoys high efficiency due to space vector converter control algorithm which can effectively reduce the temperature rise of controller and extend battery life mileage

6, Built-in various protection: locked-rotor protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, speed protection, over-voltage protection ,under-voltage protection and so on, effectively ensuring the safety of electronic control system and vehicle.

7, System status and fault intelligent management system can effectively monitor the current system operating mode external input state ,the case of system failure, and the LED flashes at the same time to facilitate the diagnosis and maintenance.

8, The rich peripheral interfaces: reverse, cruise, anti-theft, electronic brake, etc.

9, Parameter modifications and settings are available through online configuration with online computer

10,CAN BUS is optional to communicate with body instrument and BMS


-What's the meaning of each cable of the controller?
-Here are wiring diagram and real pictures for your reference.

1-Standard Controller

Below wire connectors can be customized from model SVMC7280 up to SVMC72150 according to customers' requirements, please do communicate with us before placing an order if needed in case of any unnecessary trouble. 


-How to use the PC or bluetooth interface to debug parameters?
-We have detailed
 instructions to help.

                                         Sabvoton SVMC Controller Software Interface                                                                 

Here are the clear and easy adjustment software interface. 



If you want to programmable with your phone,you could buy a bluetooth adapter.



Each product is strictly controlled in every link: production - testing - packaging - delivery.

Finished and semi-finished products



    Squeeze Resistant Packaging

Package:Cover with plastic wrap to prevent moisture


MQCON(Sabvoton) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing the motor controller,here are some other types maybe workable for you.


Our products have won national invention patents and international certificates, and we are recognized in terms of quality and reputation.


Q: What are the functions of the controller ?
A: We can also customize any specs based on your needs.

Q: Can you ship the good to my country ?
A: Yes, we can ship the Samples by Express(DHL, FedEX and so on) to your door.
 For big orders, we ship by sea to your sea port.
Q: What is the delivery time ?
A: For samples orders, it will take 2-5 days to ship your order. For bulk order, it will take 3-4 weeks to ship it. 
Q: What is the shipping time ? 
A: Delivery by Express will take 3-5 working days to reach your door. Delivery by sea will take 15-35 days to reach your port.
Q: What is the payment method ?
A: We accept Paypal, TT(Bank Transfer), Western Union, L/C...
Q: How can i make the order ?
A: You can make the order online. You can also contact our sales to order it. Our sales will offer you the invoice and after-sale service. 
Q: How can i become your distributor ?
A: You need to make an initial order of 10000 USD to become our official distributor. And we will make a distributor agreement with you.
Q: Do you offer warranty ?
A: Yes, we will offer 12 months warranty for all our products.

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